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Hopelink – Bellevue Building
14812 Main Street, Bellevue

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RotaCare Free Clinic - Bellevue

RotaCare Free Clinic - Bellevue is a volunteer driven coalition of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, interpreters and administrators, all dedicated to serve the uninsured in our community. The Bellevue Clinic provides basic free medical care and medications to adults and children. Medical services include:

Patient Referrals and Fees

The mission of RotaCare is to provide free medical care to those with the greatest need, and the least access to health care resources. Visits to the Bellevue RotaCare Free Clinic are free for those who have no health insurance and limited ability to pay for medical services. Patients may be seen one or two times for their medical care.

  • RotaCare Free Clinic - Bellevue
  • RotaCare Free Clinic - Bellevue
  • RotaCare Free Clinic - Bellevue
  • RotaCare Free Clinic - Bellevue
  • RotaCare Free Clinic - Bellevue
  • RotaCare Free Clinic - Bellevue
  • RotaCare Free Clinic - Bellevue
  • RotaCare Free Clinic - Bellevue

Basic medications are provided free for the patient’s illness or minor injury. Refills of these medications to treat a medical problem that continues will not be provided by RotaCare. Patients will be referred to another clinic which offers low cost or free care, or refills if there is a need to continue to see a doctor.

Basic x-rays, bloodwork, and tests that are donated to the Bellevue Clinic by other clinics are free. Tests that are not donated will not be ordered or paid for by RotaCare. Referrals will be provided to another clinic to get these tests, and patients can discuss the fees with them.

Bellevue RotaCare Clinic welcomes referrals from social services and community organizations for adults and children who have a need for free basic medical care and medications. We accept patient walk-ins during the Clinic hours, no appointment needed.


About RotaCare Free Clinic - Bellevue

The Bellevue RotaCare Free Clinic began in the basement of the Cross of Christ Lutheran Church in 1996 after a year of planning. Today, approximately 75 volunteers rotate to staff the RotaCare Free Clinic, including 25 physicians and nurse practitioners.

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The Bellevue RotaCare Free Clinic appreciates and welcomes the support of our community to help us provide free quality medical care to those in need.

For more information:

Email: info@BellevueRotaCare.org
Voicemail (checked weekly): 425-828-4304
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